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Since its inception over 45 years ago, Gerab has been dedicated to providing exceptional service to its customers across its operations. Starting from a small shop in the UAE serving the local market with forged steel fittings, cutting disks, valves, etc., Gerab has grown to become a market leader in the supply of seamless and welded pipes, fittings, and accessories for the oil, energy, power, civil, and process industries. 

Throughout our business, we recognized the need for leveraging technology, and became experts in adopting technical innovations that gave our customers a superior competitive advantage. This expertise propelled us to launch new ventures to meet the growing market demands for IT supply chain requirements and network solutions for complex business requirements. Our in-depth understanding of market dynamics also inspired us to venture into energy services, in response to rising global awareness in energy conservation and sustainability.

Our commitment to our customers earned us their trust across the different industries that we serve. With every new enterprise, we remained true to the values that governed how we work; and how we build relationships with our customers, our team members, and the stakeholders that we work with.

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