GERAB National Enterprises


Gerab National Enterprises LLC is a leading stockist and bulk supplier of seamless and welded pipes, fittings, and accessories. We serve clients working in the oil, gas, energy, power, desalination, process plants, civil works, HVAC, and ship building industries. Our specialist knowledge of the supply of piping solutions has earned us the trust of national and international oil companies, as well as local and global contracting and construction firms, with the supply of pipe system requirements for their mega projects in 60 countries worldwide.

Over a 45 year history, Gerab has consistently applied innovative and best-practice processes to give its clients a competitive edge through providing diverse pipe product ranges, as well as meeting short notice periods, on-time delivery schedules, and bulk requirements at competitive rates.

Driven by its customer centric values, teamwork, and commitment to service excellence, Gerab has earned its reputation as a dependable partner to its clients in supplying them with quality-assured, locally and internationally certified products for their piping solutions, living up to its brand promise of “Your Business, Our Commitment”!

Gerab National Enterprise


Our staff comprises of technical experts using the most appropriate technologies and supply chain logistics capabilities to provide seamless service to our clients.


Gerab National Enterprises


  • Carbon Steel Seamless and Welded Pipes
  • Alloy Steel Seamless and Welded Pipes
  • Stainless Steel and Higher Grades Seamless and Welded Pipes 
Gerab National Enterprises


  • Coupling Full 
  • Cap
  • Coupling Reducing
  • Bushing
  • Coupling Half
  • Concentric Swage Nipple
  • Elbow
  • Eccentric Swage Nipple
  • Reducer Concentric
  • Elbowlet
  • Union
  • Tee Reducing
  • Tee Equal
  • Reducer Eccentric
  • Weldolet
  • Plug Hex Head
  • Sockolet
Gerab National Enterprises


  • Flange Blind
  • Flange Socketweld
  • Flange Slip On
  • Flange Specatacle
  • Flange Weldneck
  • Flange Threaded 
  • Flange Spacer
  • Flange Long Weldneck
  • Flange Orifice Weldneck
  • Flange Reducing Weldneck
Gerab National Enterprises


  • Spiral Wound Gasket
  • Ring Joint Gasket
  • Compressed Naf (cnaf) Gasket
  • Synthetic Fiber Gasket
  • Compressed Asbestos Fiber (caf) Gasket
  • Pife Gasket
  • Flexible Graphite Gasket
Gerab National Enterprises

Stud Bolts

  • Stud Bolts
  • Nut
  • Stud Bar
Gerab National Enterprises


  • Valve Gate
  • Valve Check
  • Valve Ball
  • Valve Globe
  • Valve Check Ball Type
  • Valve Butterfly
  • Valve Needle
  • Valve Plug
  • Valve Gate API 6A
  • Valve Check API 6A
  • Valve Ball API 6A
  • Valve Globe API 6A
  • Valve Plua API 6A
Gerab Pumps


  • API OH2
  • ASNI OH1
  • API BB1
  • API BB2
  • API BB3
  • API BB4
  • API BB5
  • API VS
  • Cryogenic Pump
Gerab Connectors


  • Merline Connector
  • Lynx Connector
  • Leopart Connector
  • Puma Connector
  • Swift Connector
  • MMR Connector
  • Speciality Connectors
  • Speciality Welding