Gerab Energy Systems


Gerab Energy Systems LLC is a market leader in delivering energy saving products and solutions for energy efficiency and sustainability. The energy systems that we provide reduce energy consumption, improve power factor, and prolong the lifespan of equipment used in HVAC, lighting, and power generation. Our energy solutions span electro mechanical, energy use optimization, energy saving systems, and intelligent electronic systems for energy sub-metering, monitoring, and control. 

We operate to the highest industry standards for every client and on every project we engage in. Our product portfolio employs the latest technologies, and is used in the design of new or retrofit HVAC products, SMART cooling solutions, and LED lighting and flood lighting for mid/heavy industries, hospitality, hospitals, multi-story car parks, municipal applications, as well as residential, commercial, and mixed used facilities. 

Gerab Energy Services


Our senior technical experts use the latest technologies and know-how to optimize energy consumption and provide the most energy efficient solutions for our clients.


Gerab Energy Services

HVAC Solutions

Smart adiabatic cooling systems are used to decrease electricity consumption and simultaneously increase cooling capacity. We provide the HVAC industry with precisely engineered, state-of-the-art, next generation adiabatic pre-cooling systems, components, and solutions. 

Gerab Energy Services

LED Lighting Solutions

We supply LED lighting solutions for indoor, outdoor, solar lighting, and industrial facilities focusing on energy savings, improved operational efficiency, and space optimization. Our extensive range of LED lights includes practical, functional, and economical fittings.

Gerab Energy Services

Energy Savings Solutions

Our innovative energy-saving solutions help customers to save energy consumption. These include: 

  • Eniscope – EMS for energy consumption analytics.
  • Aces 2 – For Air conditioning energy management. 
  • Cues – For reducing the energy consumption for commercial refrigerators. 
  • IMEC – For reducing the energy consumption of motors in commercial applications.