Infrastructure Services

An accountable IT service model that eliminates the headaches and financial drain of maintaining a full service internal IT department


Knowing your needs we have categorized our GSSIS into three domains



An approach to data center management that seeks to minimize compatibility issues between servers, storage systems and network devices while also reducing costs for cabling, cooling, power and floor space.

flash storage

Enterprise Flash Storage

Enterprise storage solution built from the ground up that takes full advantage of flash memory to provide consistent performance to your applications.



SHRINK for Business is the first compression server that can compress your files to an unprecedented level, without any effort. You deploy SHRINK once in your organization, and the rest is just magic.


GSS Next Generation Infrastructure Services are creating immense value for our client’s business through accelerating innovation through the right choice of technology solutions. To achieve the best of technology combinations for business challenges we have collaborated with the best of with strategic partners, utilizing deep industry vertical expertise we are leading the evolution to next-generation. If your IT infrastructure has proven to be unreliable, disruptive, expensive or difficult to keep up-to-date, GSS delivers a proven alternative that will improve your bottom line. The how, when and why of your operations drive the development and deployment of appropriate technology by GSS. Your current investment in infrastructure remains in play as we maximize its effectiveness and work with you to initiate orderly improvements.

Our Core Principles support an accountable IT service model that eliminates the headaches and financial drain of maintaining a full-service internal IT department. We free our customers to concentrate on their core business, confident in the knowledge that IT system requirements are being served by GSS experts. Our mission is to bring Web Services and IT Best Practices to you professionally, promptly, and economically. We provide Data Center Services, IT Service Management, Mobility Services, Storage Services and Networking & Communication. In the below diagram, you will see all the facets of our Infrastructure Services and our breadth and depth of expertise and experience in all the areas.


Every business uses applications to provide structure and automate processes. Properly deployed business applications ensure a process is in place to cater to the rising business needs of organizations. Unfortunately, most organizations face a huge gap between business operations, business processes and the IT Systems in place to facilitate. This results in Lower Productivity, Lack of Automation, Losing out on Market Competitiveness, no Reporting for Business Intelligence. In these days no organization can afford that.

Technology Matrix

technology matrix